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Creating the Perfect Bedroom Office Space

January 23, 2018

So my Victorian birdie wallpaper is torn down in our master bedroom. Cue the *gasp* in horror! Why Anita? You ask, The birdie wallpaper was so cute and fun! Yes, but poor Travis really couldn’t take it anymore. And I am a firm believer that your bedroom should be your haven and sanctuary. If he’s […]

So my Victorian birdie wallpaper is torn down in our master bedroom.

Cue the *gasp* in horror!

Why Anita? You ask, The birdie wallpaper was so cute and fun!

Yes, but poor Travis really couldn’t take it anymore.

And I am a firm believer that your bedroom should be your haven and sanctuary.

If he’s not happy, it makes me feel we can’t enjoy this space together.

So for Christmas, my present to him was to take down the wallpaper.

I am such a good and thoughtful wife, am I not? *wink*

Minimalist Bedroom

I love and obsess over Amber Interiors bedroom designs. And this one, in particular, is my muse.

Image Credit: Amber Interiors 

Travis is a minimalist and I know he wants the new space to be neutral and with clean lines.

Lucky for him, that’s the name of my design game! Clean lines that is. Neutral is relative, right?

Odd corners in Bedroom

But for today, we are going to talk about a space in my bedroom that you might have too and never know what to do with. Insert eye roll emoji.

Do you have an odd space in your bedroom that might look similar to this?

For years we had a dresser there and it technically worked but it just felt heavy and cluttered. Always a balance between function and form!

Years ago a neighbor with the same floor plan said she planned to make a sitting area. She was an empty nester though and we need every inch of our home to be functional!

Working at home

2018 already has presented a huge change in our family. Travis started working from home and as much as I envied my friends with husbands and flexible schedules, 24/7 being together with no separate space? Hmmm…

Part of my creativity relies on an empty, quiet house where I work on client designs and find inspiration in blogs and magazines. While sharing the latest and greatest with you via this blog and Instagram.

Now that Travis is around a lot it has presented a few challenges.

First, where do I work? Well, we recently turned our narrow tiny loft into a workspace for the kids and Travis. (Yet another upcoming blog post!)

It is the prime example of tiny space living. No room for one more. Mainly, ME.

Scandinavian Office

I am sure you are like me and turn to Pinterest for design inspiration.

I am completely drawn to Scandinavian design and California Cool vibes for our bedroom.

Since I was in 5th grade, I remember loving the black and white Scandinavian designs in my dad’s architecture magazines and books.

Image Credit: Homeyohmy.com

Funny how impactful your childhood can be in what you are drawn to in adulthood for home decor and designs.

Space for Creativity

I haven’t had my own office space since having kids. When they were tiny, we would play educational games on the computer and now, they use the computer to do their homework on the daily.

So to finally have the chance and get my *own* space back. Elated? Hell yassss!

Image Credit: Design Sponge

This brings me back to the question a lot of people wonder, do I really want a workspace in my room?

In our first tiny townhome, due to lack of space, we were forced to put a computer desk in the master.

hated it. Tons of paper, clutter and bills. Who wants to see that at the end of a long day and wake up to it day in and day out?

Image Credit: Lyndsay Hollinger

I’d much rather see something like this every morning! Isn’t my friend Lyndsay’s work space a dream? She is so talented!

My desk space would be purely for my creative work. There needs to be enough space for my laptop, a few shelves and artwork. A place I can read, reflect, mediate.

Image Credit: Curate and Display

This is the kind of workspace I think is most appropriate for master bedrooms. I really wouldn’t recommend nitty gritty work stuff in your bedroom. Way too stressful and not relaxing! Agreed?

4 desks for your bedroom

I fell into the rabbit hole of inspiration and found four desks that would be beautiful in any bedroom!

1. The very first desk that came to mind was a mid-century wood desk like this one from West Elm. Clean lines and straight forward style, it is a classic.

Image Credit: New Darlings

2. I’ve seen a lot of trestle desks recently and this one from Target has a nice muted sea foam color. Any kind of muted sea foam color reminds me of a spa like aura. Definitely putting this on the list!

Image Credit: Target

Great minds think alike! Target has the desk trestle set up in a bedroom too. I may not choose everything in here for my room but the set up is cute!

Image Credit: Target

And do you really think I would stop right there with Target desks? It is near impossible to just find one thing to love with Target, amirite??

Image Credit: Target

3. This aesthetic is much more to my liking for our master. See that ladder shelf? Love it all!

Image Credit: Target

Best part tho? The desk has a cord compartment to hide all the ugly cords! I can’t handle straggly cords all over the back wall, can you?

4. Moving onto the next desk inspo, just take a look at this gorgeous yet minimal desk.

Image Credit: Joss & Main


If you want to add a metal visual layer to the space, brass is a wonderful warm tone with white. I absolutely love the two together!

Add the X legs to the desk for an edgier design, this is a Girl Boss desk for sure.

After seeing these different options, which desk do you think works for your bedroom? Do you feel inspired to create a little space in your corner?

Image Credit: House Updated

Well, I wish I had an “after” picture to show you but I am still in the throes of designing the master. Patience, my design bestie, I promise it will be done soon. At least that is what I tell myself!

Happy day!


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