Why you need a black metal staircase

One of my new client renovations includes leveling a front entry way and building a new staircase. 

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Lately, my clients and I have really hit a stride when it comes to aligning aesthetics and functional goals. Many times as a designer, you compromise here or there because after all, it’s your client’s home, not yours!

These design savvy clients wanted black metal stairs with horizontal slats. I love the use of black accents.

Elevate your lifestyle with a contemporary railing. Home design by Candlelight Homes, we build beautiful!

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Here are 5 reasons to black accents in your home too. Let’s step into the reasons why!

Modern Visual Accent

Black accents are the foundation for any modern interior design plan. Pops of it here and there are great. When you add black metal railings to a staircase, you instantly transport your entry way into something unique and eye catching.

Entry with black railing

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We have been trained to think of black as a bold, masculine, and depressing color. Or, way too sexy for our own good. *wink* Black is bold but that’s why we love it. The deep color allows you to draw strong attention to an area. As long as you’re using it wisely, and not too much, using black accents won’t even necessarily darken a room, just bring it bold character!

Hey, we all have sexy sides to us and it’s time we unleash it!

Sexy Black Staircase Railing

Image credit: Pinterest via Onekindesign.com

Black Outline

Have you noticed that using black as an outline automatically grabs your attention? A black outline is a classy and instant way to highlight something fantastic in a space. Windows are integral to any space. After all, natural light gives us so many mental health benefits! This design look is technically called Crittal. 

Black trim on kitchen windows

Image credit: Pinterest via studio-mcgee.com

In a white kitchen or dated kitchen, white framed windows can easily be forgotten, so a black outline framing the outdoors is a punchy way to cohesively bring a space together. From there you can pick black hardware, decor and accents to compliment the window frames. My dream is to have black metal framed windows throughout the whole house! 

Black framed windows from kitchen to back yard

Image credit: Pinterest via homestolove.com.au

Here are 4 rules you must adhere to when using black colors:

1. Balance: Make sure you have a balance of white and negative space to let the room breathe. Using black is wonderful even on the walls, but make sure there is negative space throughout the room so that it doesn’t feel like a dungeon. White pops of color via a sofa, desk, vases, throw blankets, art and lighting are a great contrast.

Add Contrast so Black Railings don't dominate your space!

Image credit: Pinterest via neimanmarcus.com

2. Organization: Black is incredibly efficient at making a room feel clean. That sure is counter-intuitive right? As much as white makes us feel refreshed, black can do the same! It is two sides of the same coin. Both are basic neutral colors that evoke simplicity. That is why black and white go hand in hand. What doesn’t go hand in hand, is a pretty paint color and clutter. Make sure you have a good organizational system in place. The last thing you want to do is paint a room dark and moody and then have clutter everywhere. White walls are much more forgiving this way. Because it is light in nature, everything is washed out more. On the contrary, black provides a stark contrast to any other color. So, all of a sudden your clutter is highlighted more. 

Any clutter is quickly highlighted by black accents!

Image credit: Pinterest via bhg.com

3. Accents: Add a bright accent. Black virtually compliments any color. To offset the sexy black mood, add a fun happy color such as yellow, blush, blues, greens, whites. Don’t want to wait to paint? Black furniture and lighting is a great way to add contrast in an otherwise boring room. Stylish and refined. You can’t lose by adding black accents to any room.

Black trim compliments every color!

Image credit: Pinterest via @ohfarmhouse

4. Baby Steps: Bored with monochromatic but scared of being too bold? Black trim is a fun way to accent something as small as a closet door frame. Look at what I did with the girls DIY drapery closet. The hot pink and white seemed just ok. But add the pop of black trim, it sends the closet into a fun almost Hollywood glam color scheme.

Black trim can be subtle, too!

So what do you want to paint black? I seriously want to incorporate a whole room with the color black in my home. But I’m not sure where yet! I will definitely keep you posted as always! 







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