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3 Magical Tips for A Great Entry Way

July 10, 2018

Go ahead and take my entryway challenge! Create a second seating area in a corner or area that you thought was impossible. Get furniture that fits and I promise you, you will start utilizing your space in ways you never have before.

So many of you adore my entry way. I am truly delighted that you love it as much as I do! What was once a forgotten part of my home, has now become a Insta-worthy space. Who would have thought a small narrow area right by the stairwell would get star billing? And the BEST part? It’s now a functional part of our home.

Small Space Living

Every room is multi functional so I have to be very creative in my designs. These challenges help me not only on a personal level but also professionally because when I design for my clients, I can relate and design with aesthetics and functionality in mind. This shot of my entryway with a hutch instead of a bench and seating area was taken just a week or so into the inception of my Instagram account.

I look back at these pics and can’t help but beam with pride. My style has evolved since then but I am so proud that I braved the odds and found my place in the crazy of Instagram!

Define a functional need

Fast forward to present day, and my entryway has evolved into something magical.

There are three essential tips I wanted to share with you on designing your own stunning entryway. First, define your functional need. Do you need a place to put your keys, shoes or jackets? Do you purely just want to make it pretty as you enter the door? Whatever it may be, define it clearly and specifically.


Match your existing style

Second, observe what style, color or tonal theme exists around it. The last thing you want to do is create a small space that mismatches the rest of your home. You want your entryway to be the first aesthetic signal for the rest of the home.

For me, you can see the neutral gray mid century bench blends in with the sofa in the living room. I chose a brass theme that you can see with hooks above the bench, mobile chandelier in the dining room and the brass accents with the lamps and coffee table. From there, smaller accents and plants layer in for a finished look.

Tight Spaces Are OK

Third, don’t be afraid to furniture to small areas. This is one design impasse I had for years and years. I thought I would need a bigger home for that. WRONG. As the tiny living movement continues to grow, it is testament that a very minuscule space can pack more punch than a large room with a poor layout.

Same with your home! Everything just has to be proportional. Go ahead and take my challenge! Create a second seating area in a corner or area that you thought was impossible. Get furniture that fits and I promise you, you will start utilizing that space in ways you never have before. I also used to think it was just for aesthetics that designers dedicated a room with 3-4 sitting areas.

Now I understand!

When you structure a room to be functional, you actually invite more function and comfort! So what are you waiting for? Want that dynamic entry way? Or any small space you find frustrating? Turn it into something functional and stylish today! You can thank me later!

Happy day!


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  1. Diya says:

    I love the bench! What is the brand and where did you buy it?

  2. TicaChica03 says:

    Hello. I love the runner in front of the bench. It’s gorgeous. Where did you find it? Thank you.

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