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3 Bathroom Makeovers with Delta Faucet

February 2, 2021

It’s easy to see why the faucet is the star of the bathroom. After all, we need water! This becomes a major functional consideration in interior design, because it’s a necessity.

Delta's Dorval faucet with cross handles and a brass finish

Today I have a mini-reveal for you. 😉 No it’s not the Desert Bathroom—yet! The pandemic (ugh) has meant a LOT of delays, but l finally got the chance to photograph these gorgeous bathrooms. Of course I couldn’t wait to share! From the downstairs half-bath to the upstairs secondary and master bathrooms, each has its own special personality. I think what makes them each really feel unique are the different fixtures and faucets we used.  

After some time away, it’s nice to take a look at these bathrooms with fresh eyes. I’m still so happy with them, and I know that our client has loved living in these rooms. We actually wrapped up this client project practically a year ago! But then—boom. The first stay-at-home order hit. So getting these final shots was such a treat—especially getting to visit with these clients again. They were such a blast to work with! 

Full House, Part 2 

This family of five had seen their three boys grow up in this house, head out to college, and off to work. Then one by one, all three found themselves moving back home to be closer to the family—and now there are even grandkids on the way! I know they’ve really loved being reunited under one roof, but they knew they were definitely going to need some updates to make it work. 

These bathrooms were totally stuck in the 80s. It was my job to give them each a fresh life to handle a new season in this home’s modern reboot. I think we really succeeded! 

To handle a big family, functional bathrooms are a must. But more than that, the bathroom becomes a respite away from the crazy of a full house. Capturing a calming quality was important here, particularly in the master bath to give mom the sanctuary she always wanted. 

The Faucets Steal the Show! 

From a design perspective, this family is more traditional, but they WANT to be modern. This was a great design balance, and I think the key to capturing that just-right mix of both traditional and modern is in the faucets we selected for each room. 

Bright white cabinets and countertops are accented by brass faucets, fixtures, sconces, and mirrors

Delta has done a great job of introducing some transitional collections to their line-up of faucets. I think the Dorval™ Bathroom Collection in particular offers the perfect play of clean lines and softer curves that helps a bathroom do both! Introducing a modern finish can really elevate the classic elements in a room by adding a sleek wow factor in Champagne Bronze™. 

In fact, we used different versions of the Dorval ™ collection in both upstairs baths! While the secondary bathroom features cross handles, the master bath called for a clean line to pair with the sharper mirror treatment and more modern feel. Here, we went with the lever handles, and the effect is similar but more streamlined.  

The Dorval faucet with lever handles, up close

The different applications of this faucet are more pronounced by the sink’s relationship to the bathtub. In the secondary bathroom, we selected the matching Dorval™ collection for the sink and shower. But in the master, where the tub stands alone, we went with a more modern piece from Delta’s Trinsic® Bathroom Collection. I’ve used this faucet in other bathrooms in the past, and I LOVE it for its clean simplicity that plays nicely with others. 

The Trinsic style is undeniably modern, but the roundness of the piece keeps it from feeling too industrial. It’s such a great addition that only goes to show how you can mix and match different styles—as long as you always keep the finish the same! (This goes double for light fixtures and cabinet hardware.)

The sleek form of Delta's Trinsic bathtub faucet

Half Bath in Chrome 

Downstairs, we went in a slightly different direction. While the more modern style is on display upstairs in brass edges, the half-bath takes a softer approach. Here, we went with the Bowery™ Bath Collection in chrome, which works perfectly with the subdued green of the cabinets and beveled mirror. 

Blue-green cabinets with a white counter, beveled mirror, and chrome fixtures.

If at first the style seems a little traditional, take a second look. The Bowery™ collection features precise architectural lines and sharp geometric details. Personally, I think the shower looks even sleeker than the upstairs secondary bath, but the chrome finish keeps the piece from overwhelming the room. 

Delta's architectural Bowery faucet in chrome finish

Even though we’re using different styles in both bathrooms, the water power is universal. Delta shower heads use H2OKinetic® technology which sculpts water into a wave pattern for a powerful drench spray. This gives you the feeling of more water—without actually using more water. Beautiful and efficient! Add a sweet hand shower and we’re in business. 

The Most Important Part of the Bathroom 

It’s easy to see why the faucet is the star of the bathroom. After all, we need water! This becomes a major functional consideration in interior design, because it’s a necessity. Ultimately, faucets are conduits, and the style informs how we interact with this crucial life source within our homes. 

A close up of Detla's hand shower in a brass finish paired with with Dorval shower head

This means it’s not just about what’s on-trend. Every time you interact with water in your home, you are utilizing these design elements. It’s worth asking yourself, “What kind of mood do I want this piece to set?” whether it’s for a relaxing evening bath or an efficient morning routine. For many of us, our days begin and end in the bathroom. And in this home, I know all three bathrooms set the perfect tone for this (still growing!) family of five.  

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