5 things you need to know for a Refined Family Room

Have you noticed that our family room got a new look? Our ever evolving room keeps getting better, it’s looking more refined and updated.

I’m so excited about it and would love to share some important tips on how to help you refine your living space too!




It’s all about the Rug

When Loloi Rugs approached me and offered to showcase one of their rugs in my home, I literally squealed with delight!


I have been a HUGE fan of their work. They are my first stop for designing client homes. I love all the rug inspiration they have given me as a designer!

Lately, someone mentioned that I have become quite the rug collector. I took a quick look at my Instagram page and realized, you know what? They are right!

I have been eyeing the Loren Terracotta and Sky  rug for a while.


So when Loloi Rugs gave me a choice for my living room,  I immediately told them this one!

The rug is a great start and “anchor” to your design in a home. Whether it is colorful and bold or muted and monotone, it lays the canvas for the look of the room.

In this case, the Loren rug’s vintage distressed look of amber and indigo hues mesh extremely well with my existing mid century furniture, colorful pillows and accessories.

The wonderful aspect of Loloi rugs is that it literally has a style or look for everyone’s taste in home decor. Be it refined traditional to funky colorful bohemian textures, they got it!

Since I design a gamut of styles for my clients, this works particularly well for me.

The quality is beyond impeccable as well, I am quite picky and I love the backing of their rugs. It’s always sturdy but well made and urbane.


Throw Pillows for the win

Aren’t these Loloi pillows so fun and creative?

Again, Loloi helped create a cohesive look in this space.

Their textured colorful pillows tied all the rug colors into the upper visual space of the room.

So wherever you look, everything ties in perfectly.


Adding Leather

Every corner opposite of a main sofa deserves a leather chair. Thats’s a rule that works at least for this room!


As much as I love having a side chair right next to a sofa, the corner needed seating too.

The swing chair is gone and slated for the girls’ room and they ain’t mad about it at all!

When designing a space, it is important to pick 2-3 dominant colors. In this case, it is burnt amber, indigo and the brown from the hardwood floors and furniture.

Besides fabric and wood, I thought bringing in luxurious leather would be a nice addition.

Boy, was I right!


This West Elm Austin swivel chair could not be more perfect here.

It is super comfy too!  Well, once I sat in it, I knew right away.

Add a fluffy grey Mongolian faux lamb pillowand this corner is set!

The grey pillow ties the grey furniture kitty corner from this view.

And the light caramel tone of the leather chair complements with the rug colors too.

Are you getting the idea of how I design?

It is all about balancing the colors in a way that in intentional but looks natural and effortless.

Three legged planter

What is a top essential item for your living space? A three legged planter would be my top answer.


This one from West Elm never disappoints!

And add a beautiful, happy Monstera plant? Voila, the makings of a lovely view.

Wall Decor Basics

Last but not least is wall decor! In your refined space, adding sophisticated yet inviting art work is essential to the success of your room.

Have you noticed the main print above the fireplace is a bold black print?

I got this for the dining room many moons ago. However it was too small as the centerpiece. It sat for months in the back of my closet.

The tall vertical length really gives the wall the oomph it needs. And the brass frame ties in with the brass legs of the coffee table.

Who says you can’t add art on the fireplace ledge?

As you can see, as long as the items are balanced in height, color and theme, you can think outside the box!

This summer I am planning to add DIY shelving on the right side of the fireplace.

And possibly replace the mantle with something deeper. My biggest pet peeve is that I cannot layer accessories because it is literally less than 12 inches wide.

For a person who loves the shelfie game, this is a major issue for me!

Spectacular Refined Space

I would say this room has finally found its groove.

It all started with a beautiful rug from Loloi Rugs. If you want a elevated look for your home, I highly recommend looking into a rug from Loloi.

So. In. Love.

What are you in love with here? Ready for some refined spaces in your home? Definitely follow these 5 steps and I can’t wait to see how you design!

Happy day!


This post was sponsored by Loloi Rugs. However, all opinions are my own. I love sharing what is true to my aesthetics and what helps you choose and style your next home transformation. Thank you for your support!












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  1. Chelsea wrote:

    I love this room design, and just bought this rug! Where is the blue tie dye pillow from?

    Posted 12.17.18 Reply
  2. Katie wrote:

    I was curious if you could tell me where you got that gold planter from?

    Posted 3.7.20 Reply