3 Rules to a Lavender Inspired Bedroom

A few years ago, I let my middle daughter choose a paint color for her room and she fell in love with this muted lavendar from Benjamin Moore called Peace and Happiness. It has a bit of magenta and grey and appeals to little girls and design snobs alike!

Image Credit: Benjamin Moore

Lavender Bliss

Adding lavender into your home is effortless whether you’re young or young at heart.

As I was de-cluttering their room for the summer, I felt a need to clean up their bedding and accents as well.

Now this room has evolved from a full on bohemian dream to a California Cool bedroom with neutral textured accents.

It turned out so lovely, I just had to share how I did it with you!

Rule No. 1 for a colorful wall

If you dare to paint your space lavender or any splash of color, I highly suggest using lots of neutrals in textiles and furniture to offset the dominant tone on the walls.

The kaleidoscope of colors and patterns that you see on Instagram looks fabulous but most of us can’t commit to such dramatic color schemes. At least not with other family members who want to live with us!

I repurposed the two cream colored Anthropologie throw blankets (from the family room sofa) onto each bed which was another win for recycling decor! I always feel so accomplished when it works out like that! The girls were elated it ended up here. They are fringe obsessed like me.

Add a pretty campaign white nightstand with brass accents, jute rug and desert art work and you have successfully brought your space into a cool, modern state of mind.

Rule No.2 Woven Lighting

I love our Ikea woven hanging light. You may have seen it before but the beauty of it is the versatility. That’s why I’ve never tired of it.

By taking off the tassels, the minimalist Scandinavian design is brought to light again and I’m smitten!

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In other words, if you want something like this woven lamp from Ikea, scroll down and take a look!

Rule No. 3 Strengthen your Shelfie Game

My third and final rule would be to add shelving on your walls for a quick change up if you find yourself visually bored with the wall color earlier than anticipated. And waaaaay too lazy to re-paint. Ha!

I adore styling shelves! And every single time I see a home with a strong shelfie game, I get so jelly.

Not gonna lie, life is hard with barely any shelves to style at home. Sounds funny to you? Or do you relate?

A few essentials that help strengthen your shelf game are artisan ceramics, tiny plant babies (or big), books, art and candles.

If you include a few or all of the said items, you will not fail at styling shelves, I promise!

So what are your thoughts about adding lavender to your home? It doesn’t have to be wall color, it could be pillows, small pieces of furniture, drapery, rugs.

The sky is the limit with lavender because it is soft and inviting.

Happy day!

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